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How did that collaboration come about? I believe we auctioned off the red suit for charity some time ago. February 19, Question: Thank you thank you thank you so much for coming back to Japan! We just cannot wait to see you next time.

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My question is…I wonder if you tell us your best favorite food or place in Tokyo! Tokyo has more Michelin star restaurants than any other city in the world! Suffice it to say we love the food in Tokyo. February 12, Question: I love kick ass horn music like the News and Chicago plays. Do you know of any?

Almost Every Answer for Practically Any Teacher

Johnny B. Anyways I wanted to ask in your opinion what is the most memorable album you worked on and why? January 15, Question: Are there any songs you regret including on one of your LPs? Do you like it? Or is it ridiculous? Andy Answer: Good question.

There are certainly some very talented singers and people out there, but so much of popular music is in the writing, and I suppose that becomes obvious eventually. Is there any truth to that? December 25, Question: Who is the most favorite person or persons that you have performed with and why? Rosanna Balison Answer: Stevie Wonder sat in with him at a private party for Charles Schwab , because he is so supremely talented and important.

December 18, Question: As a long time fan I would love to get official live recordings from the Fore and Small World tours. Would you be interested in offering those as downloads — like some of your fellow artists have started to do? That leads to my question. On those nights when the band is in the pocket does everyone sense the vibe? Does it make the night go faster or do you savor it? Yes, on a good night everyone senses that, and for me, I think I savor it a little more. December 4, Question: Have you ever hit a hole in one?

Insalatas: Mediterranean Cuisine

Are you also a fan of Gospel music? Aaron Armendariz Answer: I am. Have always loved Gospel music, and yes, many of my favorite singers started out singing the gospel. How did that harmonica contribution that ended up on Live and Dangerous come about? Raymond Hill Answer: Phillip Lynott asked me to jam on that tune for that whole tour Live and Dangerous , and we recorded it at Hammersmith. November 13, Question: One artist dead or alive that you would want to work with on a song or album who would it be and why? Sal Montalbano, Kansas City Answer: We rewrote it, and have rerecorded it for our new album released in spring of ?

They are all out there on the internet. Why have they never been properly released? They are great songs. Who holds the rights? I met Phil many times, he was a great guy to talk to. Have been to 12 or 13 of your shows around the Midwest over the years. I finally heard it live at the Hammond, Indiana show earlier this year. Mike Miazga Answer: No plans for a live recording as yet, but you never know. October 9, Question: Hi Huey. Derek Fricke Answer: Actually, I enjoyed it.

The idea was for me to be almost unrecognizable, and uncredited as a kind of inside joke. October 2, Question: My family recently were lucky enough to see you in concert in Sun Valley, Idaho. When did you start playing the harmonica? I was extremely impressed with your talent. I started playing harmonica in high school.

AMELIA BEDILIA FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - Amelia Bedelia Books for Kids - Children's Books Read Aloud

September 25, Question: On the Showtime special for the Sports tour, you are shown warming up backstage. What was the song? Oh no. I need to boogie! September 11, Question: Will you ever do another concert with Tower of Power? Brandon Kirkley Answer: Well, there is no one way. Michele McCabe Answer: I certainly do. Research shows that kids who are involved with the arts learn faster, grow smarter, and are more mature … the arts truly make the world a better place!

TOP has got to be the tightest group still out there. Can you comment on your experience with TOP? August 14, Question: Can you talk about how you came to play with Thin Lizzy? What was your relationship with Phil Lynott like?


Chris Answer: I loved Phil Lynott, and learned so much from him. We met when Clover opened for Thin Lizzy and hit it off immediately. I still think of him often. What a show!! My question is following: which cities did you visit in Morocco on your trip there? Music certainly lost a distinct voice. My question is: Did you ever meet Prince? Huey Lewis and the News and Prince are my two favorite acts of all time.

Martin Willer Answer: Yes.

A couple of times … we presented him with one of his American Music Awards. July 17, Question: On the Hard at Play album cover… what are you sitting on? July 10, Question: When you are touring, what part of the country do you love the best for food? And who most influenced you as a singer and writer? My dad was a jazz musician and when I saw my first band in third grade or so, I knew it was what I wanted to do.

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June 26, Question: Was there a performer or person that you always wanted to meet and due to your success you were able to meet them. If so, what was the experience like when you finally did get to meet them? You guys are my dream to meet! June 19, Question: What song or songs do you feel should have been hits that for whatever reason never were? Aaron V. June 12, Question: You have written a lot of songs in your career, which one is your favorite? June 5, Question: In my mind, you have hopefully interacted with Michael J. I have always wondered if he is as pleasant as he comes off in his films?

Ryan Shearer Answer: He is even more pleasant in person. Truly a wonderful guy.

May 29, Question: Huge fan of yours from Denmark. Saw you on Waldbuhne, Berlin first time in Later on in the beginning 90s i saw an interview with you on a Danish channel.